David Unger has a unique style that combines abstract with realism in the form of angular and geometric shapes.  His work is all about movement and the human form.  His figures express a joy of life.  Unger has been sculpting for 50 years and his works are exhibited in galleries, buildings and private collections throughout the world.

Joy of LifeYou Are the Sun of My Days and The Moon of My NightsExpressionsConversationTangoVisionaryFloating On The WndEmbraceIntoxicationEncompassed by LoveMy BelovedFragrance Of SpringDaydreamerRhapsodyBeneath the StarsSeduction of the HeartSound the Great HornFrom The Moment I Saw YouFireThoughtTheBallerinaSerenityWhen Dreams Have No EndEuphoriaHumilityInner PassionInner SoulMorning Sun

David Unger Sculptures  ungersculptures@gmail.com